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Read how we can redefine coin buying, selling and trading!

Where we have been, where we are and where we are going:
First off, Some Wonderful Coins, LLC, located at SWCoins.com, is still in business. In fact, we wish to thank everyone who has helped us, bought from us and made what we are doing possible. Orders that have been placed will still be fulfilled. Orders that have been filled will still be serviced. We have not gone anywhere, but we are transforming. So what are we doing?
    Coin owners: Do you find other coin site fees and child like rules frustrating and ridiculous? Wouldn't you like a site purpose built for selling and trading coins that treats you like an adult? How about:

  • Keep 100% of your money / sells.
  • NO fees for extra images, re-listing, number of products, etc.
  • You choose how to list your coins (no restrictions on grading terms).
  • We pay the Pay Pal fees!
    Coin Buyers: Ok. This all sounds good, but maybe you tend to buy more coins then sell. How does this benefit me?

  • Seven day (once received) return / refund promise.
  • Industry standard secure e-commerce security.
  • PayPal, an industry trusted payment processor, processes all payments so people you don't know never see private financial information.
  • We hope that by reducing the coin selling costs that will translate into more savings for you!

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Launching: January 2015
Come Meet Us: May 29th - 31st 2015

Texas Numismatic Association Annual Coin Currency Show

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  • Site design
  • Database design
  • New user forms
  • Login form
  • User coin managment
  • User account page
  • User security
  • Coin product page
  • User Store Front page

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  • Coin Search Functions
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  • Shopping Cart System
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Purpose Built

We are building a coin marketplace designed, from the ground up, specifically for the numismatic seller, buyer and/or trader.

NO Seller Fees

Popular online auction sites will take 10% of your money plus payment processing fees. Auction houses can charge even more. We have found a way for sellers to keep 100% of their money.


From using the reliability of PayPal (no PayPal sign up required), to handle secure payment processing, to installing industry standard SSL on our servers, to encrypting all personal data in our database: data security is our top priority.

Buyer Protection

No marketplace can succeed without buyers. We have taken special care to make sure our buyers are protected. Each seller must agree to a full seven day, original condition, refund policy. Plus, we back each purchase. We will refund ANY order that does not arrive.

Seller Protection

Sell your coins with peace of mind, knowing that you will get paid. All we ask is that coins be sent with a tracking number so that all parties can have an objective, third party verification that the package was indeed delivered.


We do not play favorites with coin grading services. Sellers are free to list their coins however they want. We back each purchase with a seven day return policy. Deception on the part of the seller or the buyer will not be tolerated.


Be among the frist to know when we go live. In addition those who are the first to join our marketplace will be given unique incentives and advantages.

We HATE SPAM too! We will only use your email address to let you know when we are ready to accept users. We will not sell or otherwise give away your email address.